Intergen(d)erational Project

Call and Response: Intergenderational Poster Vancouver and Surrey 2An Intergenerational Queer Performance

This showcase features work produced in an innovative intergenerational activist arts project, Call & Response. Queer youth and queer elders have been exchanging writing prompts, work, and critique for the last four months. Now, they’re reading to share their work with you, and the results promise to amaze and inspire!

There will be two performances, one in Surrey and on in Vancouver.

Performance Information

The show was performed in February 2015 in Surrey and Vancouver. It is being remounted as part of New Westminster Pride in Summer 2015. Details to follow!

Quirk-e and Youth for Change
The members of Youth for a Change range in age from 13 to 22. They’re advocates, activists, and educators, who offer workshops and training, monitor government policies, lobby local politicians and go on field trips (among many other activities).The members of the Queer Imaging & Riting Kollective for Elders (Quirk-e) whose ages range from 55 – 76. Quirk-e is a critical arts collective, committed to challenging and changing stereotypical notions of what it’s like to be old and queer

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