About Us

Quirke goofy group photo 2 2104-15The Queer Imaging & ‘Riting Kollective for Elders (aka Quirk-e) is a group of artist-activists who self-define as queer and as old and interpret these identifications in diverse ways. Some embrace the idea of being old, and some believe that the word is an empty signifier. As far as the word queer is concerned, people in the group define as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender – and more. All define themselves as artists, working primarily with written memoir and digital images, but spilling out into other genres when necessary. Public shows and exhibitions have included readings, performances, shows and exhibits.

Quirk-e began as a grassroots writing group in 2006 – a joint initiative between QMUNITY Generations and local writer Claire Robson. The group was quickly adopted in its entirety into the Arts, Health, and Seniors’ Project, managed by the Vancouver Park Board. It became an independent organization in 2013, and is currently funded by its community partners Britannia Community Service Centre and QMUNITY Generations.


Britannia LogoBritannia Community Services Centre Society is located just off Commercial Drive on the East Side of Vancouver.  It’s a community hub featuring child care, a Family Place, Elementary and Secondary Schools, a Public Library, Recreation programs and facilities and a Seniors Drop-In Centre. Our community is vibrant, varied and thrives on a strong sense of connection.

Find out more about Britannia Community Services Centre here. 

QMUNITY is BC’s queer resource centre – the hub for lesbian, gay, trans, bi and queer community programs, training and advocacy. The organizations envisions  a world where all queer people are included and free from discrimination.

It’s team of skilled professionals deliver many vital social services and programs including: Gab Youth (for queer, questioning and ally youth 25 years of age and under), Generations (for the aging and elder members of our community), Education/Outreach, Volunteer Services, Anti-Violence resources, Coming Out and Social Support Groups, Free Counselling, Meeting Spaces and our ‘Out on the Shelves’ Library.

For more, click here.

Qmunity LogoQMUNITY Generations is a project of QMUNITY that reflects an exciting and innovative approach to age specific service delivery, education, and community development. A wide range of programs are offered, including support for Quirk-e.

For more, go here.

City of Vancouver

City-of-Vancouver-LogoThe City of Vancouver has provided funding for Quirk-e’s projects over several years in the form of Community and Neighborhood Developments. We are grateful for their recognition that arts practices are central to the development of vibrant communities.

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